Something Wonderful: The Philosophy

We are all and always bouncing in and out of the clouds.  Something Wonderful is my Blog Talk Radio show, but more my philosophy.  Something Wonderful is going to happen TODAY.

Something Wonderful is about my ascent to new and wonderful things, and what I think you can learn from my journey to make your journey Something Wonderful.

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Be Afraid, But Be Assured

If you just wait it out you will see some amazing things.

Yesterday the sun was shining. It was a great spring day; the kind that doesn’t lend itself to needing a vacation in a warmer climate. However, I woke today to rain; not a lot of rain mind you, but enough to make the first 15 minutes of my flight tenuous. My co-flyer wouldn’t let me get my pre-flight sleep on, but as kids do she has left me wide awake. So I had to weather the storm, literally.

During my first flying experiences in my twenties my dad talked me through the sounds and bumps of air travel and I still use his words: the same thing happens in a car, but you are so used to it you don’t feel it. Of course, he’s right. And it applies in another realm as well. The first time you do anything it is scary – school, love, work, failure – but eventually you know what to expect. You may still be afraid, but you can use the previous experiences’ bumps to calm your fears about the new.

Pretty clouds make pretty crappy weather. When you’re in the storm you can’t imagine the beauty of the situation, yet when we emerged from the rain this morning and ascended to look at the fluffy offenders, they were gorgeous – absolutely breath taking. That’s how it always looks when we look back on our lives, our failures, our starts. We forget that it was bumpy and we didn’t think we’d ever emerge, but we did. Whatever it is you are going through now you will conquer and the amazing thing left behind will wow you just like those clouds wowed me.

Also, never forget that there are times when you are on one side of the clouds when someone is on the other. When you are in the storm remember those in the clouds were where you are; don’t be jealous. When you are in the clouds remember those in the storm were where you were; help them out.

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