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Ella Rucker (@EllaLaverne),

BEST BLOG CONTENT Curator Extraordinaire

Having been a writer my whole life, I moved to New York City in 1999 to pursue the great American literary dream; and I did it! A major opportunity was created by me to write for; that began my blogging and freelance writing career! As that chapter is ending, I realize, “Geesh. Here I am with all this knowledge, all this skill, all this ME! I’ve got to share!” And was written “write” into history.


I’m so proud to be the producer for #MentorMonday with host Paul Carrick Brunson!

In addition to working with Paul and a great crew, I do content and concept curation. One of my claims to fame is I LOVE coming up with ideas for blogs, shows, and campaigns that are completely out of the box. I get YOUR vision and can stay true to it, but we are going to blow some minds, I tell ya!

Of course, every project starts with a WHY, and I’m also quite adept at finding the root of the story and writing it in such a way that engages readers. Check out my take on these Black History making women, and breastfeeding.

One of my deepest, darkest secrets is that I didn’t finish my education at Wright State University, but never give up! Recently I’ve taken a class at the Tow-Knight center in entrepreneurial journalism as well as a class at Wharton in marketing. Both classes made me a better blogger and champion of my own brand and path.

My other skills are social media management (you can find me on Facebook and Twitter all de time), html for WordPress, Blogger and Wix, video production and also, “I’ll learn” which helped me self-publish my book, The Poetry of Prose.

Quoted in The Wall Street Journal Online and Crain’s New York Business, my biggest accomplishment is never too far away; I gave birth to my daughter, Joelle, in 2010, and being successful at being her entrepreneurial, writing and surviving mother is what makes me tick.


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