• From Welfare

    To Walt Disney World

    To Co-founding Weekend Startup School

    One woman on a mission to change her circumstances has changed the world. 


    Need to shift your thinking from powerless to powerhouse?  I show you how.


    Have a dream of going from working for 'the man' to being the (wo)man? I made that dream come true for myself and I can show you how to do it, too!


    Want to go from welfare to Walt Disney world in six months?  I did it, Baby!


    When I was a brand new mother the bottom fell out of my life; I spent my savings, lost my unemployment and got evicted from my home.  Even my beloved car conked out on me to the tune of $14K for repairs.


    It was raining problems and to fix it, I joined the ranks of those on welfare.


    But something wasn't right. Welfare didn't help the problem, it exacerbated it.  I was sent on interviews for jobs for which I was grossly overqualified and discouraged to reach for the jobs that would offer me a challenge.


    For an overachiever to overachieve at mediocrity was a very hard blow.


    So one day I made a break for it.


    I was watching television and saw a woman, a mother, a woman who was a mother with a coif of natural hair and she was working for herself!


    After a good deal of joining her Facebook page and commenting on several blog posts, I asked her to be my mentor.  She told me she was too busy to do such and that fact was backed up by the delay in emails she sent to me.  


    I pushed: "If you are so busy maybe I can help you out."  After all I need that gaping hole on my resume filled with "work experience" because if you've ever been unemployed for a lo-ooo-oong time you know people who have jobs get hired first.


    The answer was still "no."


    Until I made it a yes!

  • The Definitive Ella Rucker

    Entrepreneur Engineer Extraordinaire


    Ella Rucker is an entrepreneur's best resource for information, networks, and mentorship.


    Currently Ella is the Producer and co-owner of #MentorMonday and co-founder of Weekend Startup School. Both are aimed at mentoring minority entrepreneurs in the first five years of business. They are resources for building entrepreneurial blueprints through mentoring, masterminding and coaching for startup businesses to grow successfully.


    Talk about changing the world. Weekend Startup School and #MentorMonday have generated over $100K in revenue for entrepreneurs!


    Ella has written a best-selling eguide for BeBlogalicious entitled Tick Tock Goes The Blog Clock: The What, Why and How Of Creating 365 Days Of Content TODAY. With the BLM Girls she has a chapter in From Blank Space To Blogging Brilliance: A Step By Step Guide To Start And Grow A Successful Blog. She is also a contributor to two books by Marion Lichiello, Anyone Can! Live A Happier Life and What's Your Vision: A Guide For Designing The Life Of Your Dreams With Vision Boards.


    A speaker since she rocked her the mic on her high school radio station, Ella has spoken at #BloggerWeek, at Disney World during the Niche Parent Conference and at Blogalicious both as a content creation and authenticity in branding expert. Ella was also offered the opportunity to speak at Social Media Week Lagos on the topic of "From Handout To Standout: How To Rock Social Media For The Cash, Connections, And Career You Want."


    You can find Ella's writing on Black Enterprise online, Mommynoire, The Frugal Feminista, and other spaces on the topics of entrepreneurship and blogging; and there's even an article or two on the web by Ella about dating, divorce and other relationships.


    After attending Wright State University in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio, Ella moved to New York City to pursue her passion for writing. She currently lives there with her 5-year-old daughter and entrepreneurial apprentice, Joelle.




    The Beauty Of An Ugly Start

    Are you waiting to make your idea perfect?

    If I had done that when I was on welfare - if I had said I can't be a blogger because I had no computer, no experience, no WordPress knowledge - I wouldn't have found the successful writing, speaking and mentoring businesses I have today.


    I take 12 lessons I learned about getting over myself and taking my ideas to market and how they can help you get started TODAY in my book.

    Get started with The Beauty Of An Ugly Start: 12 Simple Reasons To Get Over Yourself And Take Your Idea To Market TODAY.

    Weekend Startup School


    8 Speakers, 5 Workshops, 3 Keynotes, 2 Networking Sessions, 1 Amazing Weekend!

    I am the co-founder of Weekend Startup School.  Our next session in DC during the weekend of June 4th and 5th will focus on starting a tech company with no tech background.  If you are an entrepreneur who recognizes the fact that ALL companies are now tech companies, yet you have no technical background, Weekend Startup School is designed perfectly for you. This intensive weekend, including 8 Speakers, 5 Workshops, 3 Keynotes, 2 Networking Sessions, and 1 Mastermind Breakfast, is created to give you a firm foundation of the key areas you must know in order to compete in the new economy.

    Sign up for this highly sought after weekend for entrepreneurs.


    Practical advice for your big dreams.

    #MentorMonday is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together for networking and advice from some of the world's thought leaders in their fields. Guests have included Eric "ET" Thomas, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Cedella Marley, and more!

    Looking for a virtual mentor? Find over 50 of them by going to the #MentorMonday archives.


    A community of multicultural entrepreneurs and professionals who share knowledge and resources to build better organizations and lives.

    I'm the community manager at CNVO.co.  CNVO.co is where entrepreneurs and visionaries come together to discuss their biggest questions about being in business.


    Have a question our CNVO community can answer?  Join us.

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    I write small business advice for entrepreneurs.

    I've learned a lot about being an entrepreneur and am honored to be a small business contributor for one of the world's best resources for growing your business.


    I'd love to hear your feedback on my articles.

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    Some thoughts I have about the life I've lived.

    Best Blog Content is my home for my radio show archives, articles I've written about my adventures, and, of course my story of how I went from blogger to business owner.


    Want to know more about how I almost closed the book when only the chapter was over? Go here.

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